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Fullerton Chiropractor

For years, our Fullerton chiropractors have had a tradition of giving excellent care to all its chiropractic patients. Your visit to the Fullerton chiropractor will focus on the use of natural remedies to treat your condition, as our staff aims to make you feel better without any medications or the use of surgical procedures. And because of that, all of the Fullerton chiropractors make sure that family chiropractic care is special.

We believe the each condition stems from overall body dysfunction, and that we need to examine the body as a whole before we treat. While there are many chiropractic techniques taught in the world, the Fullerton chiropractors have mastered the most important of them in working with each individual. Each Fullerton chiropractor can proudly declare an accurate diagnosis necessary for treatment.

The Fullerton chiropractors have a goal in life to assist patients in recovery and gain back their optimum health. It is not enough for the Fullerton chiropractor to relieve short-term symptoms; helping you sustain long-term health is just as important. The Fullerton chiropractors also want to create a link between superior health and loftier expectations for long-term wellness through chiropractic care. At each clinic, you can expect the latest techniques and leading innovations, including nutritional counseling and guidance from the Fullerton chiropractor.

Each new patient is different, and we understand your needs are different. Our Fullerton chirorpactor tailors the treatment plan specifically for each individual. No matter if you want to find out more information about our chiropractic, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, our Fullerton chiropractors are wiating for your call. Don't wait any longer, call the Fullerton chiropractor!

Welcome From Dr. James Blakemore
Dr. James Blakemore

Across the nation, non-surgical disc decompression therapy is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing options for lower back and/or neck pain relief. If your days and nights are spent in an agony of unrelenting back pain, and the results of traditional medical treatment have been...

The Origin and Progression of Chiropractic: The Cornerstone for the Academics of Chiropractors
The history of chiropractic care is long. In 2700 B.C. and 1500 B.C., spinal manipulation was already discussed in Chinese and Greek texts, which spoke of its role in lowering pain, and caring for...
Things that Might Lead To Upper Spine Discomfort and Alternative Treatments that Might Ease Discomfort
The neck starts at the base of the skull. Your cervical spine (the neck) has seven vertebrae. It's up to your neck to hold your head. Your head, however, weighs several pounds so the task isn't...
Diagnosing Subluxations within your Vertebrae in Addition to Being Aware Of Care Alternatives
According to chiropractic terminology, a "subluxation" is a dislocation of the vertebrae that hinders function. The dislocation guides the chiropractor to where to perform a spinal adjustment. As...
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